The Edukators by Hans Weingartner

The movie was very interesting. Watching a more political driven and thought provoking movie was quite different from the weird and crazy that we have been seeing in class. It was nice to have an understanding of what Germany was going through during this time and having it so well named, The Edukators. With the plot revolving around 3 teenage activists who rearrange furniture and items from upper class homes yet never stealing anything but identifying themselves as “The Edukators”. There is some weird tension between the three as Jule and Peter are seeing each other yet Jan has feelings for Jule. The story begins when after Jule and Jan “edukating” (yes I will use that word now) the home of someone Jule had a debt to, a wealthy businessman named Hardenberg who catches them in the act of retrieving back Juel’s cellphone. They kidnap Hardenberg and then take him to a remote island to deal with the hostage.

The movie then shows us the different sides of how to act in the new modern capitalistic society. There are these 3 teenagers who are idealistic, dreaming of dismantling the system to create a whole new order as they have been exploited and cheated by society. What would it mean to be truly free? Should we be able to take a stand against those of the higher classes and fight for our rights for equality? or just be someone like Hardenberg who we learn was just like these teenagers who were hopeful, but has now changed his ways and followed what society deemed was the only way to move forward, to become corporate and somehow loose all the ideals you once fought for.

And from the movie, I truly did become in a way, educated. It made me think what does it truly mean to want to start change? To actually be a part of something that will be able to affect our society and somehow radically change it. Is that even still possible? Whether you may be one of the 3 teens or have turned into Hardenberg and rather just go with what society dictates of you they are both highly plausible and not something that should be taken against you. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions and I think the main take away from this film for me was that we should be able to just coexist with whatever political ideologies you may stand for. To respect one another and be able to see each other as people who are more than just their political stances.

This movie was quite enjoyable and was a good movie to ponder and discuss on after watching. Although I did not really enjoy the relationship / love triangle aspect of the movie as it becomes a sort of cliche side story to an already interesting plot. Overall I found the relationship funny and not really something that I found value adding to the overall story. But the conversations between the teenagers and Hardenberg made the move so special.

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