Raw by Julia Ducournau

The first time I watched Raw I could not stop thinking about it days after. It really is one of those horror movies that leaves you disturbed, shocked, confused, and for me wanting a lot more. I was never really a horror movie fan until I saw this movie and watching it for the second time during class helped cement my love for the horror genre. Jump scares and slasher killer horror genres never really scared me, sometimes I would find it funny even. But this movie really changed how I view horror. That it can be simple, not needing a killer chasing after his victims with an intense score in the background with the villain laughing maniacally, but can still be disturbing and brings fear and unease to its viewers. I really love this movie because just as what it is named, it is truly so raw; from the acting, the protagonists’ relationships and even to the meat she was eating all these elements created such a masterful film.

The story revolves around Justine (who is a vegetarian), a Freshman in taking up veterinary school just like her older sister Alexia. Something stirs in Justine who suddenly starts craving for meat after having her first taste of it in the form of a rabbit kidney as their first hazing experience into the school. She starts eating raw chicken and then after sometime she had a taste of real human flesh in the form of her sister’s severed finger. The progression into her cannibalistic self was so eerie and made sense once it was established that Alexia, her sister, also was a cannibal. More over was it a horror film but the plot emphasizes the relationship of Alexia and Justine and Justine’s road to finding her true self, a sort of ‘coming of age’ trope but with a whole lot of blood and gore.

This is what I loved about the movie because other than it being horrific and bloody there was a way in which oddly enough through cannibalism she was able to be who she was meant to be. Since it actually ran in the family (it was revealed that her mom as well was also a cannibal) she finally got to be free to choose and get something for herself rather than always having to be conformed into what society deems as normal. Raw goes beyond into the thinking of what it takes to be a woman trying to find herself in such a closed and oppressing world and makes its protagonist so out of the realms of what is normal and makes her a cannibal.

I just really love this move a whole lot. With the amazing acting from both Alexia played by Ella Rumpf and ofcourse Justine who was played by Garance Marillier, the actresses really helped to bring the movie to life. The story yet unconventional could be able to resonate with a lot of women who may be going through trying to find themselves (minus the eating human flesh element)

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