Who the real educator be

Goodbye Lenin was set during the breaking of The Berlin Wall. Now we go 40 years forward in the edukator, and it seems that the western ideas have taken over. There is no mention of the east, west germany, and all their respective ideologies, but glimpses of the divide are still apparent in 2003 as seen through The Edukator. Jan and Peter are two best friends who call themselves the educators and break into homes of the rich and powerful and re-arrange the furniture to instill fear into those who they believe to be abusive and terrible people. Motivated by a personal grudge, Peter’s girlfriend secretly joins Jan for the first time as they break into Hardenberg’s house and do their usual re-arranging. 

Since  Jan and Jule abruptly raided his home, they were not expecting his arrival. When Hardenberg caught Jules at his home, Jan and Jules’ choices were either to get caught, or to either kill/kidnap hardenberg. They chose to kidnap him with Peter’s aid. It was quite obvious how lost and regretful the three were, doing the kidnapping. They never wanted to commit a crime this extreme, but they believed that they were left with no choice. Honestly, everything was meticulously done and prepared for before Jules came into the picture and messed shit up. Jules screwed things up even more when she allowed herself to have a secret love life with her boyfriend’s best friend. How annoying right?

The 3 alongside Hardenberg end up staying at a cabin away from town as they figure out what to do next. The 3 grew fond of him as he started to become more of a friend than an enemy. Debates arise over dinner as Hardenberg tries to defend his ideas and actions. The edukators made themselves judge, jury, and executioner as if they were better people than their victims, but throughout the film I realised the insignificance of their doings, and their own inadequacies with the help of Hardenberg. As the film went by, it seemed that Hardenberg was more in control of the three. Finally exposing Jan and Jules’ secret relationship, the three are in shambles, and it seemed that they were more faulty than that of Hardenberg. As things start to calm down, they finally let Hardenberg go back home. Throughout the film, the three edukators seemed to learn more from Hardenberg, rather than them teaching him a lesson, so it really made me think, who is the real edukator?

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