Raw is without a doubt the goriest movie (but not the oddest) film we have seen throughout the course of the semester. Going into the film not knowing anything at all made the experience much more shocking and disturbing than it already is.

The movie begins by depicting the image of Justine as a young innocent intelligent girl that is repressed and sheltered by her parents. She’s about to enter college in order to become a veterinarian. As she enters college, we already get a hint that this young innocent girl, that’s hasn’t even eaten meat in her entire life, is about face an entirely new chapter in her life as the university that she enrolls herself in is one that is actually filled with some crazy people. Although there is much change when you enter university life as compared to years prior, we get a taste of how intense and definitely unique this school is in the initiations that Justine had to go through, such as when they dumped tons of blood on the freshmen and even force them to eat the rabbit kidneys. In the latter, we encounter Alexia, Justine’s sister, who forces her to do it despite her being vegetarian as she seemed to be aware of what could happen if she didn’t do it.

It was in that very moment that everything seemed to change for Justine. She began to see the changes in her body when she first shoved meat into her mouth, as she began to experience some nagging itches in her body later that night. Despite the irritations that she began to experience in her body, it is was definitely evident that she began to show interest and have an appetite towards meat, to raw meat and actually becoming a cannibal. It became some kind of addiction that she couldn’t control. This was the beginning of much that was about to happen to Justine in this typically new setting. Who knew that entering university could change someone’s life radically in that particular way?

The movie definitely wanted to establish itself that depicts cannibalism in somewhat a realistic way. Despite the plentiful of graphic moments, it wasn’t one that I could not take. Normally when it comes to horror movies in general, I’d be one that was hesitant to even open my eyes and watch but given the setting in which we watch around our classmates, I didn’t feel the need to really feel frightened (Despite being in a similar setting as in the movie). Somehow the film is able to make you want to continue to watch and keep your eyes open as curiosity starts to kick in to understand the reason behind the things that were happening to the students. Although it was a horror film, it did a good job on focusing on the characters that were part of the story. It was not just made to scare the audience with the use of jump scares, but rather it showed us the different relationships whether it be familial or between friends. It was easy for me to appreciate this type of horror film as the director made sure that it was actually the gory scenes that really made it a horror movie. It looks like it took a lot of thought and experience to make it a great horror film as this genre of film seems to slowly be depreciating in terms of its quality.

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