Rock Band Comedy

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Movies revolving a band are not really my type. However, Heavy Trip was a movie I enjoyed as it showed a lot of comedy and a little bit of romance. I believe the characters really did an amazing job in executing their roles. They really produced a lot of laughter, from the whole band to the police officer and to the antagonist, Jouni. One funny moment is when the band chose to travel to Norway and they were branded terrorists. Moreover, the other van that they met showed a parody, and a separate parody for the soldiers in the area that were obviously inexperienced and showed insufficient training. In relation to Jouni, he was an antagonist that resembled one that had shallow goals, as he was destined to fail. He made it clear that his main intention and goal was to sleep with Miia, who is also the love interest of Turo the main character. However, he becomes responsible for his defeat as Miia catches him making love to another woman. In terms of the band itself, they really showed a lot of humor as a group. The name of the band, for instance, was decided to be “Impaled Rectum”, which was very funny. 

Another thing I noticed in the movie is how it makes use of a typical Hollywood plot where the main character is brought out of his comfort zone and to face adversities where he eventually meets a climax to see whether he is successful or not. In the case of the Heavy Trip, the main character was successful as he was able to perform in Norway in front of a large audience. 

In terms of the reputation of Heavy Metal, the movie tackled the stereotypes and prejudices linked with it. For instance, the residents in the area would always make fun of Turo’s long hair as they called him “homo” or “gay”. Another strong stereotype was that this kind of music is very much associated with anti-Christ or satanist. This could be linked with how one of the band members, Pasi, would describe Heavy Metal or the songs that the band plays. However, the movie obviously supports Rock as the movie allows the band to perform at the stage while glorifying the vibe of a troublemaker that comes as well with being a rockstar as the movie ends with the whole band being arrested and yet, they were still continued to be cheered on. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie because it was a light movie that made me laugh with their jokes and funny segments. Moreover, I could also relate to the main character, Turo, as he is always scared to go out of his comfort zone or to take risks for bigger things. As a person, I know what it is like to be scared of moving on to bigger things, as it takes courage. In the case of the movie, he was motivated to be like a hunter not afraid to take away a lion’s food. In the end, he was able to fulfill his goal of performing in front of a crowd. 

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