Edukators: WOKE


Youths can change the world. That’s what the Edukators thought as they tried to rally against capitalism of the world. Angered with the situations of rich abusing the poor, Jan, Julie, and Peter came together to pursue their goals for world change. The movie itself is juvenile, more emotive in the sense of how the youth protests win against the bad guys – which were the corporations or the adults. The ways of getting back to them are breaking into their villas or houses and warping and defacing their furniture, and then later leaving a calling card. Jan begins to influence Julie with the ideas of their movement and push her into joining him along with Peter after his trip. The movie is really a ­think piece of how the youths fantasize their ideal world, despite the irony of depending on these structures of capitalism when they ran out of supplies in the cabin. During the rising action, where they kidnap the homeowner when he found out about their identities, do the edukators give up or do they find a way to persevere? This movie, in itself, really is a story of solidarity between friends – coming to their goals and aspirations to the very end, despite the challenges within and outside them.

The story began with the Educkators doing their MO, breaking into houses and trashing their furniture. The dilemma began with a love connection between Jan and Julie, who was Peter’s girl. Despite them having the same vision-mission for world change against corporations, the find tension between themselves in finding out what to do in their hostage situation.

As anti-capitalist activists, the edukators wanted the world to see what they’ve done and their message against the systems of capitalism. As the movie started, their acts were unorganized and driven through emotion – frustrations against the capitalist world of today. Getting revenge against a boss who fired Julie, and Jan angry with the systems that undermine the poor for the sake of the rich 1%. They were driven but had no fuel to continue. As a small sign of rebellion against the system, things started to break down when they were caught by the owner of the house. Soon after, Peter finds out of Julia infidelity, straining the relationships within the group. Do they proceed for their movement, or was this the end of the Edukators right there?

From there, the film became more character-driven. Rather than the movement itself being a noble cause, it was the characters who found their way because of their affiliation for their movement. They settled their differences because of how the Edukators wanted to make a statement. Rather than adhering with the demands of the kidnapped, which was to release him quietly and he wouldn’t snitch, they outsmarted even the police together. As a group, they can do many things as long as they kept their wits with them and banded as one. This film was of how they learned their motivation for this movement and whatever it would take to get them out of this mess.

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