L’Avventura: What

Oh boy, this movie was crazy. Not only was there an extra plot which the movie went for, but there was no closure for what happened with the missing woman, Anna. The story behind that was left dangling while a love story developed between Claudia and Sandro. Using the premise and feigning it as an inciting incident was a clever trick to attract attention to what happened with the missing woman. While we were curious of what had happened with Anna and her whereabouts, the story begins to separate itself something different. There are not many examples of films that use the introductory characters (and their disappearance) as a means to justify or situate a setting or plot. Especially when a good amount of screen time was given just for Anna. The movie then shifts into a love story between Claudia and Sandro, finding a way to mediate this strained or scuffed relationship. As one of the introductory films for this course, it really was a challenge to get through this movie due to its runtime and its shift in narrative.

While the movie was set in a black-and-white scene, the film manages to take on numerous vista shots, showing off cities and glamour shots of the island the characters were staying at. To its credit, it illustrates the adventure these characters took, from the moment Anna was missing to the very end. Despite the lack of color, there’s color in their expressions as the  frustrations of their newfound relationship developed. The disappearance of Anna was left to accommodate this relationship and how Claudia can cope with her struggle of moving on.

As a character-driven movie, the film relies on the interactions of both Claudia and Sandro as they mention Anna over and over again. Given the runtime and how the film was black-and-white, the film for me was difficult to follow in times because of these concentration with their relationship and instead of the pressing matter of Anna’s disappearance.

The movie, in itself, is a tale about a relationship that should’ve been really about Anna. It subverted my expectations since I thought the adventure was looking for Anna and the possibility of Anna emerging from the narrative once more. Instead, the movie took its good time to develop the characters of Claudia and Sandro, a decision very bold in direction. It diverts the attention of the emergency situation and finds a place to create a conflict / romance between characters because of Anna’s disappearance.

In this sense, I appreciate the film for taking risks in diverting narratives. However, the length made it difficult to watch, and the characters themselves where hard to follow.

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