Heavy Trip: A Trip to end all Trips

This movie was great. The movie follows a familiar scenario when an upstart band wants to prove their worth as metal rock band. Excited for their big gig, they had to evade their enemies and people stopping them by driving through them, a metal thing to do. This movie utilized the element of heavy metal to a huge degree. Comedic takes from them getting their mixtape to a big event organizer to them creating a song out of a reindeer stuck in a grinder was wicked and cool that only a movie like this would accomplish. While the idea of metal is over-the-top even in the music industry, the characters are well grounded in how they desired for being acknowledged and even accepted in their local community. Against all odds, they needed this to show what they are capable of and prove the bad guys wrong – a tale told countless times.

Movies that did this sort of scenario are movies like the Lego Movie, Zootopia, and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, where all of the heroes were underestimated by their peers and rose up to prove themselves. All of the movies mentioned are animated, kids’ movies that have a happy ending where the hero triumphs despite their enemies and even community attempts to put them in their place. They proved them wrong, a theme seen in this film. In a radical way, the film embraces the metal and tries to present this narrative in a metal way. Metal music, metal attitude, and metal references are sprinkled around the film to make the film comedic and ridiculous at the same time. Despite it having a simplistic narrative akin to the kids’ movies mentioned, Heavy Trip is also about a movie about companionship and living one’s dreams. Being recognized by their community is a dream of theirs and they needed to prove their mettle somehow someway. A very treaded narrative but executed as if it were new. Heavy Trip relives the metal in everyone and makes the audience want to support their cause because of their hilarity and antics as both a metal band and a group of friends.

For me, this movie really was a pleasant end of the semester. It left a pleasant feeling when the band performed their piece to an audience that listened and enjoyed them. The culmination of their work was celebrated by the ears that wanted to listen to them. That was their dream all this time, to be heard by fans of metal. To me, it spoke to a person who understands the struggle for being recognized in a society which is competitive in the music industry. Sometimes, it takes perseverance and a good group of friends to get through these rough times. Learning from this film, embrace what you are and give it your all. The film adopts the usual narrative of these animated films but stylizes it through the ridiculous of rock and roll, or heavy metal. The movie is cool and rocks on!

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