Min Persona

I was rather intrigued by genre of the film. Psychological films more often than not start of vaguely and progress cryptic. Psychological dramas similar to more psycho-thrillers show the story unfold as the movie progresses. This film sort of gets in your head as it goes along. It’s play on insanity and personal identity which gives the title it’s edge is very appealing. The beauty of films like Persona is the ability for it’s interpretation to be open to the viewers. One thing can be said by a group of viewers and yet if another group completely contradicts that notion, the opposite would also be true.

The film walks a very fine line of psycho-drama/thriller to psycho-horror. It’s scary to think that the act of one personality consuming the other is a far-fetched possibility. But then again, maybe the film is showing us how split-personality disorder is really created. When a person’s personality is fractioned by the cause of another being. The title “Persona” really is spot on as a big underlying theme of the film is played on the character’s identities.

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