The Adventure

There really is nothing refreshing about a film based on the drama of the elite in society. Films like “L’Avventura” really show that being part of society’s elite isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Problems and dramas usually take to extremes and have odd twists. In the case of this film, the drama centers around the mysterious disappearance of Anna. What I found odd about the film is it’s unusual pacing of the series of events. It did not really follow the usual narrative development. There is also a lot of play on the deceit and betrayal the characters have. It’s like loyalty is not too popular amongst them as a lot of adultery occurs as well.

I found really interesting how it was not that big of an issue that they were unable to locate Anna. But I guess you can say it had it’s imagery as well. The group as a whole maybe figuratively are all also on the verge of disappearing themselves as they do not have many fulfilling relationships in general. The film really reminds me of the plot of “Beverly Hills 90210” in the sense where the attractions to each other are intertwined and how their moral compass is somewhat crooked. The play on Sandro and Claudia sort of detective work was interesting as they try to find clues on what led to Anna’s disappearance while at the same time fornicating with each other. How ironic that they start a casual relationship while trying to find Claudia.

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