Carnivore: Raw

“Raw” a coming-of-age film adds it’s own little twist to what it feels is peer pressures of the college experience. Raw has it’s fair share of peer pressure and “addictions” in the form of cannibalism. The film’s gory factor definitely had me squeamish as it was overly outlined with the explicit scenes of cannibalism. I found the play on Justine being a vegetarian throughout her life and having never tried meat interesting but the it gets even more interesting as she is going to veterinary school which instigates that she has a love for animals. A hazing ritual gone wrong unlocks Justine’s inherent character trait as she then longs for flesh after being exposed to a strange delicacy, duck kidney while also being drenched in animal blood. What’s strange to me is that the film progresses as if Justine is transitioning into a folklorish monster as the cravings were not instantaneous rather they came in stages.

You can say that there is a link between the start of Justine’s cannibalistic nature and her sexual awakening as the two emerge simultaneously. I mean the scene where she takes a bite out of her own arm during intercourse, that says it all. The college setting and trying new things in college is a great way to pursue a modern horror film such as this one as it isn’t too impossible for this story to be a possibility but then is a cinematically creative plot.

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