L’Avventura: A Visual Masterpiece

The plot of L’avventura, an Italian film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni in the 1960s, was by far one of the more interesting European films that we’ve seen throughout our short list of movies. Despite the short list of films that we have encountered throughout the entirety of the course together, I am quite positive that this film would be one of the better and more interesting films we will see because its mysteries.

Despite being a film that I actually enjoyed watching, it is important to note that the film is actually a sad one as it shows us the effects of what feeling alone is like. Don’t be fooled by the loneliness part as the movie is not actually a romantic one. The movie focuses around the mysterious disappearance of Anna while she was in a yacht with her friends in the islands of Sicily. Initially the movie reminded me of Ben Affleck’s film, Gone Girl. Unlike the disappearance that was involved in that movie, we notice that in L’avventura only two people seem to be looking for the young woman. Also distinctly compare to that movie, this mysterious disappearance actually becomes an inconclusive one. This can actually mislead us to think these were the only mysteries that were involved in the film. This initial problem allows the audience to be able to question the personalities of the other important characters in the movie. These come about because the movie does not give the audience context regarding their stories of the characters. This enables the audience to continue to watch while they remain interested in trying to get to know the characters even more, as they slowly reveal themselves even from the earlier portions of the film. For instance, Sandro immediately kisses Claudia the moment they figured that Anna had disappeared which is something I did not expect at all. This allows us to immediately question these 2 characters and what their roles were in the film.

Unlike Gone Girl, this mysterious film isn’t actually a thriller, where you end up holding on to your seat as we anticipate something exciting is about to happen. It actually slowly paced itself as it unfolded events. Despite the lack of context, the director does a brilliant job in slowly showing the audience of the film slowly understand the main characters in the film even more.

Visually, the manner of how the film was captured was actually quite magnificent and beautiful, regardless of the lack of technological progress during the time it was filled. Despite it being a black and white film, I actually visually enjoyed watching it. This removes my prejudice regarding the visuals of older films.

Regardless of how much I enjoyed the movie experience, the anticipation of what actually happened to Anna and why she did it remains a mystery. Because of this fact alone, it would be easy to think that I wasted my time trying to wait for what would happen. On the contrary, the movie shows another story which we can often forget, which are of the ones of the other two characters, Claudia and Sandro and how they copped with their loss of Anna and also of each other.

Because of these, if you are not easily frustrated, impatient, have the spare time and an eye for cinematic beauty, I would easily recommend that you watch this film.

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