Parfum: Desperation of Being Loved (Bonus)

s592.jpegParfum is a German TV series that airs I found Netflix. The story revolves around a famous singer who was found dead in her house and all of her body parts that secrete a scent like her armpits, genitals, and scalp was removed. She was part of a group of friends in their teenage years; they were a group of 5 and this girl was adored by everyone she meets. When they were teenagers, their group had an obsession about the book, “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind and they tried to replicate making scents by first, killing a dog in their hideout. I found some similarities with Raw, given the bloody scenes and intentions of the characters. So in the present, they speculated that someone might have used her scent as well to make a perfume that can make people fall in love with whoever uses that scent. With her death, they got a detective to work on the case and there were 2 more killings in the tv series, one was a prostitute.

The atmosphere of the tv series was very dark, given that it is a drama that revolves around a murder case. It really depicted real-life problems like an abusive husband, dealing with fame, being a mistress, and so on; however, they were not dramatized and romanticized and it showed both the good and the bad things around those problems that actually happen in society. Despite the film being set in a German country, it was still understandable and showed the cultural differences of their country with the usual American TV shows. Moreover, the structure of the tv series was not linear which makes it sometimes confusing; however, the stories that the past shows were very informative and entertaining that makes one want to have more information about the past. All of the flashbacks and stories about the past were very detrimental in figuring out the plot line and helped in the very shocking plot twist.

After watching the tv series, I was left shocked and trying to be the pieces together because it was very unexpected. I would recommend this tv show to other people because it is something new and fresh in contrast to all those romantic comedies coming out. In the TV show, it turns out that none of the obvious suspects were the actual killer and it was the sweet, innocent psychiatrist who were murdering the three girls just because she wants to be loved. She was giving their body parts to Moritz, the perfume maker who does not care where the ingredients for his perfume-making is sourced. However, that was just season 1 of the tv series and there will be a next one wherein the detective will make use of her newfound knowledge about scents to fix her problem with her boss who will be the father of her baby. However, there is a catch because he is married and they have children. Ultimately, the story shows how there are some people who are very desperate to be loved that they will result to drastic measures – may it be about a daughter craving the attention of her mother who is only concerned about her twin or a mistress trying to have what she cannot have that results to home-wrecking.

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