The Edukators: Taking extracurricular activities to the next level

So The Edukators are the real ones who are taught a lesson, let me explain…

When I found out that Daniel Bruhl, the actor who plays the main character in “Goodbye, Lenin!”, was also playing one of the main characters in this movie, I was pretty excited since I like his roles in the past. His role he played in the movie was good, but I wouldn’t consider it fantastic.

I think that the movie presents an interesting situation with the dynamic between the main 3 characters (Jan, Peter, and Jule) and Hardenburg. Most of the movie takes place in a cabin in the Austrian Alps where the main 3 have kidnapped Hardenburg after a “heist” gone wrong. I put heist in quotation marks because the main characters “educate” wealthy people by breaking into their houses as a form of anti-capitalist.  Instead of stealing from them, they just rearrange their furniture and vandalize the houses.

While at the cabin, Peter grows increasingly suspicious of Jule and Jan because they seem like they are becoming more and more friendly and touchy with each other since Peter is Jule’s boyfriend. While this is ongoing, Hardenburg is also growing, but more towards his old, younger and rebellious self. Hardenburg, despite being the leader of the Socialist German Student Union when he was in his youth, eventually became a product of the “system”. That system being the world of capitalist and corporate life. I think that the development of Hardenburg throughout the film is more significant since he learns to rediscover his true self.

The three main characters of Jan, Peter and Jule, isn’t really anything new in terms of film or even in fiction. The story of their love triangle is fairly predictable, but their characters learn to not judge people based on appearance, especially when they find out  about Hardenburg’s youth. In the end, they are able to get away from the authorities and leave Hardenburg on good terms. The last scene of the movie implies the three have settled their differences since they are all laying in bed together. So yay for polygamy? haha

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