What the heck did i just watch?? This film was probably the most disgusting movie i’ve ever seen. While watching, I felt so awkward during the film and it was really off-putting. I was expecting the typical horror film plot in which the main character/s are being haunted/hunted by a monster of some sort. Little did I know that the main characters of this film would be both the ones being the monsters.

Even with the rare occurrences of addiction to cannibalism, I found myself expecting and foreseeing the turns of events in this film. I already started to suspect something weird to happen when the film was clearly trying to show the strictness of the family when it came to being vegetarians. Sort of like how game of thrones shows these details for you to analyse as sort of easter eggs, it felt obvious that there was more to the scene when the mom and dad were so insistent on her not eating meat. The roots of my suspicions probably stem from personal experience. No, I am not a cannibalist, but I used to have really strict parents as well. Parents that would reprimand me for doing a lot of things but wouldn’t really make me understand why.  These rules set for me by my parents didn’t stick later on in my college life, similar to that of Justine’s experiences. 

I found the movie to be very unrealistic, and that took away the greatness of the film. When the video of Justine acting like a beast uncontrollable over human meat surfaced because of Alexia, I would expect everyone else to be disgusted. Although people were seen to be avoiding her, none were really shocked about it. The fact that Alexia probably has been causing those freak accidents to happen at he same area frequently, and not getting caught. Even when Justine ate her sister’s own finger off and Alexia was not a tad bit pissed.These made the whole film seem so ingenue and I didn’t really feel a connection with the characters.

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