Raw: Freshman year freedom never tasted so good

You know when you’re younger and feeling rebellious, especially when you reach your freshman year in college? Yeah well this movie takes that up several notches, let me explain…

So the movie follows the protagonist, Justine, who is entering her first year in veterinary school and is forced to undergo the many different freshman year initiations that everyone has to go through. On the first night of being at the school, Alex shows Justine a class picture of their parents at the school, so they had to go through the same initiations. One of the initiations requires them to eat a raw rabbit kidney. Justine refuses at first, stating that she is a vegetarian as well as her family. Her sister, Alex, who is either in her second or third year, sees that Justine doesn’t want to eat it, but forces her to eat it.

This becomes a big turning point in the movie, where Justine realizes that she has an almost primal urge to consume meat, even though she has been a vegetarian for most of her life. This is where the rebellious side of her comes out, consuming meat. The trope of kids entering college and tasting (yes pun intended) their first lick of freedom, is taken on a different turn. Most people, me included, would assume that since Justine unlocked this hidden desire for meat, there would be montages of her chowing down on different types of meats and buffets, but nope. Justine discovers her appetite for meat is only a stepping stone to something more sinister, she discovers her true desire is for human flesh. The “WTF” moment of her realizing that she likes human flesh (yes it was show in great detail), was only compounded by the fact that her sister is also a cannibal! We learn when Alex runs to the middle of a road and making a car swerve and then chowing down on the driver and passenger who died in the accident. Alex even goes so far as to tell Justine to eat as well, telling her that she (Alex) did this for her (Justine).

At the end of the movie, it was later revealed that the mom of Alex and Justine, is also a cannibal, but she (the mom) was able to temper her cravings by becoming a vegetarian. So the cannibalism runs through the family, but is only passed on to the females, this is also backed up by the statement that the father told Justine that she shouldn’t have girls. I think the biggest lesson from the movie is, although the movie is an extreme example, that sometimes your parents know what’s best for you, even if that lesson has to be taught the hard way.  

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