That’s not sushi, sis

When we were warned that the film we were going to watch may be scary for some of us, I suddenly got worried. I am personally not a fan of horror or gory movies. I get scared whenever my friends force me to watch a film of these genres. Which is why I got a little anxious when the film Raw (2016) started showing in class.

The film was not what I expected at all. I expected to be scared or really grossed out, but I was actually just entertained. What drew me in was the story of how Justine tries to adjust into veterinary school. The question of whether or not she should conform just to fit in was very realistic to me. Most adolescents and young adults often feel like they have to change who they are just to be liked and to gain friends, especially when they enter a new environment. I honestly believe Justine’s self-control was very good, even when Alexia was forcing her to eat the rabbit’s kidney. She was really holding her ground because she believed that she had to stick to her values (vegetarianism) even though she was put under the spotlight in front of everyone in the university and was being coerced into eating it just so she could pass the initiation. However, Alexia forcing the rabbit’s kidney down Justine’s throat just proved how strong peer pressure was for me. Even the strongest willed people can be torn down by peer pressure, which is a sad reality that Justine had to face in the movie.

Justine giving in to conforming to the ideals of the students caused her downfall. I honestly think Alexia got what she deserved, from seeing her sister feeding on her finger all the way to getting imprisoned for killing Adrien. She was the reason why Justine’s parents’ perseverance to keep Justine from giving into her cannibalistic ways failed. Justine was living a normal, good life before her sister ruined it for her by letting her have her first taste of meat. Alexia probably knew that Justine was going to discover their family’s “dysfunction”, but she still forced it to happen for her little sister. Isn’t that messed up? Alexia was honestly such a horrible sister. She even made things worse by exposing and humiliating Justine during the scene when she led Justine to the morgue. Throughout the movie, I was wondering to myself what Alexia gained from leading Justine astray. She wasn’t really getting anything out of it other than the fact that she could finally feel like she is not alone since her sister is also as crazy as she is.

The film made me feel uncomfortable in the sense that it made me realize how cannibalism is really scary, especially if it happens in real life. However, despite the cannibalism, there really was the underlying theme of every single one of us trying to strive for acceptance, no matter what the cost or consequences. I believe Justine did not have any fault whatsoever, she was just mixed up into the whole mess. She inherited the cannibalistic tendencies because it was hereditary, and she was forcefully introduced to it. I feel like her family could have handled the situation way better than they did in the film.

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