Comedy With a Little Adventure (Bonus paper)

Mr. Bean’s Holiday was a film that had a lot of humor and a sense of adventure. It is not really similar to the comedy films of America such as American Pie, Blockers, Central Intelligence, or Bad Moms. This is because Mr. Bean’s Holiday does not really show its main character speaking fluently or being understood. The comedy in this film was not hinged on the words that come out of the main character but rather it relied on the unfortunate events and laughable behavior of Mr. Bean. An instance of this is how he wasn’t able to catch his train due to the fact that his tie got stuck in the vending machine, when he inserted his bill that was stored in his necktie. On the other hand, American films would usually generate the comedic feel from a dialogue between characters or punch lines. The main character, Mr. Bean never really says any punch line although it is worth noting how his expressions also contribute to the comedic element of the movie.

Another element that gives Mr. Bean’s Holiday a comedic feel is his mischievous behavior. Common in most comedic movies, including US films, there is always a naughty side of its characters that make the overall movie funny. What differs is that US movies tend to make jokes that could be linked with sex, drugs, or drinking. In Mr. Bean’s Holiday, his behavior is far from any of those vices but rather it is very childish. One instance of this is how he calls every possible phone numbers which the father of Stephan was showing through the window however the last two digits were blocked by his fingers. While calling each number, he is oblivious to how his phone call affects the people in the other end of the line. Another instance is how he did not like the oyster served to him as it was still alive so he places all of it in a woman’s bag. Lastly, he also dresses as Sabine’s grandmother as a disguise during the premiere of the movie of Sabine and eventually disrupts the whole thing altogether. 

Aside from the comedic feel, another thing that struck me was how Mr. Bean’s Holiday gives an adventure feel because of the sceneries and the shots that it shows. It is as if it is marketing the beauty of Cannes or Europe in general. An instance of this is how Mr. Bean hikes a mountain or when he sees a Cannes photo there is a background music that conveys heavenly. It also shows scenic shots when Mr. Bean travels with Sabine and Stephan in his classic Mini Cooper. The movie allows its audience to travel with Mr. Bean, especially when there are shots of the film that use his camcorder, which he won from the raffle as well. Adventure films from the US are usually about a world that is fictional or alien such as Journey 2, Avatar, or Kong: Skull Island. 

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It was really funny as it showed the classic behavior of Mr. Bean. The additional characters also contributed to the film, as they surprisingly successfully deal with his mischievous behavior.

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