Band of brothers

I honestly appreciated the fact that, for the graduating seniors, we ended our European Film class with the film Heavy Trip (2018). It was a really lighthearted and fun movie to watch (especially comparing it to all the other films we watched like Persona or Raw). At first, I was not as excited to watch it since it was going to be a movie about a heavy metal band, and one of the genres I did not really mesh well with most is, in fact, heavy metal. The music may not have jived well with me, but the story surrounding it and the jokes surely did.

I loved the subtle humor it brought out. My favorite scene was the part when the band jumped off the cliff and “resurrected” onto a land with people role playing a Dungeons and Dragons type of game. It was just so funny to me. I thought they were all going to die or something because the scene where they jumped off the cliff seemed so dramatic. They were kind of saying their goodbyes already. When they arose from the ocean, asked if they were in hell, saw people “crucified” on crosses, etc. I laughed so hard. It was so weird but so funny to me at the same time. At this point in the movie I just wanted to ask, “What is happening?” because I literally did not know what the writers were thinking about when they wrote this film.

All weird jokes and scenes aside, I felt a little “proud” towards the end when they were able to perform in front of a big crowd for the first time in 12 years. After all their hard work and perseverance of becoming a great metal band, they were able to achieve their dream despite all the obstacles that came their way. I think they also wanted to send the cliche “don’t give up on your dreams” message to the audiences who watched this movie. Their situation may have seemed exaggerated (they worked for 12 years… with one song… and never gave up) but it can actually be parallel to reality. Some people work so hard and only see the fruits of their labor after so long. Even though the journey of Impaled Rektum was very difficult, they still overcame those challenges and succeeded in the end.

The scene where Turo pukes in front of their audience before both of their performances reminded me of the same thing happening in Pitch Perfect. It was a parallel of how the band (Impaled Rektum) and the group (Bellas) both failed at the start but claimed victory in the end. The parallelism did not end there though — both groups were able to claim victory because of their sense of camaraderie and companionship with each other. Impaled Rektum’s brotherhood within the band was, I think, the main thing that glued them together and drove them towards success. It was a heartwarming sight to see their appreciation of each other and how they would not have been able to get to where they were if it were not for one another. The importance of friendship and brotherhood was very spot on and visible in the film, which I highly appreciated.

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