Not My Cup of Coffee (Bonus Paper)

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Oh Boy or A Coffee in Berlin is a German film in 2012. I believe it was a depressing film, as almost every character in the film has an unfortunate story to tell. The color of the film was mainly black and white. I thought it suited the movie well, given that it was gloomy. The main character, Niko, for instance, is experiencing a tragedy. He drops out of law school as he is trying to discover himself. It is worth noting how his father is not proud of what he is done.

The movie revolves around Niko, as he tries to drink a coffee. All throughout the movie, he tries to drink a cup of coffee, however it seems that he never gets to drink one until the end of the movie. Throughout the movie, I felt like I was listening to various stories by individuals who are suffering from past traumas or hardships. One of which is Julika, who is an old friend of Niko. She used to be bullied for being fat. She also reveals that they never continued to be classmates in school because she was moved by parents to an education for having an overexcitement condition. Another story that I found depressing was his neighbor who wanted a child but couldn’t have one. Eventually, the situation got worse when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. As a result, he is left depressed. 

The movie also does not spare the main character. I felt that he was also quite unfortunate, as seen in what he experiences in the movie. From the very start of the movie, he already experiences an obstacle. Aside from the fact that he never gets his cup of coffee, he is also dealing with personal matters. He dropped out of law school, as he felt that he needed to find himself and law school did not seem to fit him. 

For the plot, the movie does not seem to focus much on other characters except Niko, as every character he meets has no relationship with the rest that he meets. In other words, there is not much connections between each person he meets. In typical Hollywood movies, main characters usually go on a journey and there is a significance in every scene that contributes to the buildup of the movie. 

In terms of the ending, like the European films we watched, it shows an ending that has no dialogue but is revealed through an action that implies a form of closure. In this film, Oh Boy shows the various scenery of the city such as factories, traffic, and many more then it ends with Niko finally drinking a cup of coffee that he has requested from the very start of the movie. 

Overall, it was a movie that was not happy. It certainly possesses a depressing mood. Although Niko finally gets his cup of coffee, he meets various people along the way such as strangers and people from his past that are suffering various hardships as he himself as well is left to deal with personal matters.

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