Blind Date: A Fresh Take on Rom-Coms (Bonus)

220px-Un_peu,_beaucoup,_aveuglément_poster.jpgGiven the different genres of film that we watched throughout the semester, I was interested to see a European film’s take on romantic comedy and how it compares to Hollywood films. I came across Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément, also known as Blind Date, which is a French film by Clovis Cornillac. After watching the film, I still saw the cheesy and cliché aspects of how romcoms are made, but I loved the twist given to this film and how it also tackles a unique plot with the help of the likable characters. It tackles the usual story of how people get attracted not because of how they look like but because of their personality and the way they think.

Most of the film happens in just one setting: the apartment of Machine, who just moved in. She is a pianist and finds out that her apartment and the one beside hers have a problem because they could hear everything that was happening in the other apartment. Machin, the owner of the other apartment initially tries to make her leave by scaring her through playing strange music and moving the paintings to make it seem like there is a ghost in the apartment which teases the comedic aspect of the film. However, Machine finds out that it was her neighbor that was doing those things and they start to annoy each other, playing loud music and using loud machines, since Machin was a puzzle creator. It was interesting to see how the cinematography was made, transitioning from both apartments and there was one point where their places were shown side-by-side to emphasize what they were going through and how they were just separated by a thin wall.

The narrative was very easy to follow with the help of the chemistry by both characters. Their situation changes when Machin finally talks to her while she was playing the piano and tells her to loosen up. This starts their interesting relationship where they prefer not to see each other but establish that they are now more than just neighbors. I liked how the film showed the connection of the characters despite not seeing each other and it also leaves the viewers relating to their stories and personalities. I also liked the comedic aspect of the film that showed the quirkiness of the characters, especially when Machine was trying to look for him when he said that he always wears cowboy boots and she tries to focus on the shoes of the people around her. She even mistakes someone for him and invites him to her apartment but realizes that she got the wrong guy. Blind Date also makes use of its charm, especially in my favorite scene where they both invited their closest friends, cooked the same meal, pushed their tables against the wall and had dinner while exchanging stories. At first, their friends were questionable about their unconventional relationship but they understood and enjoyed it in the end.

Overall, I liked how the film focused on their relationship and how it did not have any draggy parts to keep the viewers hooked throughout the entire film. There were some plot holes in the movie but it still worked because of how it incorporated drama and deeper narratives such as Machine’s relationship with her father. It was a very charming and cute movie that are more in line with the films that I watch and I really liked it.

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