Turn back the clock

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As seen in the image above, the way our protagonist looks through his imaginary binoculars kind of resembles an infinity sign. That is kind of fitting to what Timecrimes is really all about. It’s more than an hour of struggling with Hector, the central figure in the story, to get out of the time loop that he found himself in. Although the movie is about time travel, it is quite different from the mainstream or more conventional films that follow the same concept. It is rather banal for something that falls under the science fiction. One would expect a lot of spectacle and special effects but that is not the case for this movie. The director, Nacho Vigalondo, relied more on his brilliance in making this film work. The storytelling focused more on tackling the consequences of time travelling rather than its excitement factor. What makes it a lot interesting is that it sparks curiosity among the viewers and it provokes you to think critically. In a way, it wants you to participate in the mind-boggling events that Hector is going through. The plot devices are there to help the audience and the protagonist connect the dots. The binoculars, scissors, and walkie-talkie are among the most significant objects that are used throughout the film. You really have to pay attention to these things because they will eventually help make sense of everything as the story progresses. Even the characters such as El Joven and the woman in the woods played pivotal roles in the unfolding of events. All these factors were smoothly interconnected.

The film might be a bit weird and confusing for the first few parts but it definitely keeps you hooked. You’ll find yourself looking for more answers, and eventually, struggle in trying to figure out what is happening. There is a sort of involvement required as the story follows Hector. The audience is part of the dilemma that he is facing, from the curiosity in the beginning and the estrangement from Hector himself as he grow increasingly unpredictable due to the events.

I particularly enjoyed how Timecrimes appeared to be a perfect mix of varying genres. The science fiction aspect is there but it remained dark and ominous all throughout. It even felt like a purely horror/thriller movie during the scenes where Hector 1 is being chased by the “masked killer” Hector 2. Despite the series of unfortunate events, the film found time to present humor through the naivety of Hector. It wasn’t much of a roller-coaster because the essence of the film remained intact. In fact, the mix of genres may have even contributed to the overall effect of Timecrimes. Overall, the movie is a must-watch for me. It found its beauty in its simplicity while still managing to be magnificently challenging to watch.

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