Money Heist: Desperation for Revenge, for Money, and a New Life (Bonus)

Image result for money heist netflix posterAs a fan of a lot of television series that are mostly American, it was very interesting for me to see how these are created in Europe and I wanted to see how it differs from American shows, from the plot to the series structure and how they also showcase the culture of different countries. After watching Perfume, I wanted to watch more. I stumbled upon Money Heist, a Spanish Netflix series created by Alex Pina, and it has now become one of my favorites.

The show is the ultimate heist story because the group planned a huge heist to not rob a bank or a company but to enter the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid to create more and more money, specifically 2.4 billion Euros, which has never been done before. The group is composed of eight different types of prisoners or outlaws ranging from a teenager to a father, all recruited and headed by the Director who organized everything as revenge for his dead father. While the group conducted the heist and entered the Royal Mint during a school field trip, the Director was just behind the scenes in their hideout, managing and planning everything. Despite the plan being planned very perfectly, there were blips and mistakes in the execution because of love between two lovers which was forbidden and other unavoidable human flaws. In the end, the group were able to pull the whole heist of but with a few lives lost. All the romances that sprung up during the heist still continued on and they were able to live the lives they have always wanted, albeit with a few changes. The TV series is similar to the Ocean’s film trilogy but with cultural differences as well as other things.

The film was a very fresh and entertaining TV series that will make you hang at the edge of your seat, anxiously waiting for what’s going to happen next like if the perfect plan will work out or not. However, most of the scenes were very predictable like a romance between a hostage and her captor, called Stockholm Syndrome and between the head detective and the Director. Moreover, just like any other European film, there were various nude scenes and sex scenes; however, it did not overshadow the story of the TV series which was good since other film and show just rely on sex scenes to make them interesting. The sex scenes were more of a stress reliever because of everything else going on in the show.

Most, if not all the scenes in the show were inside of the Royal Mint but there are also scenes outside in Madrid like the hideout of the heist group and the restaurants and plazas around the Mint which were all very beautiful as expected of the breathtaking, historical, and cultural structures around Europe. I would recommend watching this show to other people because it is very entertaining to see how a very intelligent person can mastermind something huge like this and how he has anticipated almost everything that was going to happen minus the various blips mentioned earlier. The main reason for this happening was revenge for the Director’s father but each person had their own personal motives as well. I think just like the German TV series, Perfume, this all revolves around desperation. Desperation for revenge, desperation for money, desperation for new life. Desperation makes us do a lot of things, sometimes they can be good and sometimes bad.

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