Edukators movie review

The first thing I noticed from this movie was that it had the same actor as goodbye lenin. Although his role was different in this movie, the whole “rebel” “fighting for a cause” was very similar. Personally, I didn’t enjoy the movie that much. I felt like peter and jan seemed like spoiled children who wanted to stir up trouble because they couldn’t get what they wanted. Although I liked the idea of them never stealing anything (except that time when peter stole a rolex) because it set them apart from normal burglars. When jan explained to jule why they do what they do, he said something like: to stir them up, so they know that even with all their riches and security, you can still get to them. They aren’t untouchable. I think this for me was what I agreed with the most in their whole cause. I appreciated that they had this ideaology. It wasn’t about stealing and then giving back to the poor because if they had done that then the rich will only be empowered to crush the poor. What they were doing involved letting the rich understand the implications of their lavish lives. It was meant as an eye opener. So for me, I found this clever and well thought off. But also I felt like, even if they succeed in barging into these houses and creating this kind of movement, how far would it go? What kind of change could they actually bring? Maybe the families would get stirred, maybe they would even think about it from time to time or subconsciously get affected by it but after while, they’ll still go back to living their lavish lives. For me, it felt like a cause that didn’t have as much potential even if it did have good ideas and was rooted on a good thing.

Things went downhill after jule and jan on impulse they trespassed the owner of the house whom june owned a lot of money to. It would have been ok if they stopped and went home after rearranging everything. Since they had to go back to fetch jule’s phone which I felt was extremely dumb of her. Knowing everything they were doing, she should have at least been more careful. This led to the owner eventually catching them in his house. On impulse, they decided to kidnap him. This was a way for them to avoid the cops and any trouble. It wasn’t related to their cause but really just a way to save themselves. June most especially since it was her idea to go inside this man’s house. I think that’s when I started to see how their group was toxic. I guess I could say that since the start, I knew that something would eventually go wrong. Even if they don’t steal anything, what they’re doing is still technically illegal so it would eventually come to a point where they would get caught. But as they kidnapped the rich man and as they lived a life in a far away province, you start to see how the rich man and the “edukators” weren’t completely different people. For the rich man at least, life happened and he had to cope. He wasn’t born rich and he didn’t even believe in the same things when he was younger but when you live longer and see how the world changes, you start to change as well. I completely agreed with him when he showed respect for the three by saying that I don’t think what you’re doing to me is right but I do appreciate the ideologies you have. I learned to see and understand both sides at this point.

The rich man said that it’s a system that can’t be changed, he is merely playing the game but he didn’t create the rules. However, the edukators pointed out that it’s not who created the gun but the one who pulls the trigger. This moment for me was the most intense part. How can you be part of a system and be expected to go against what is considered a norm in society ? It’s almost impossible to change something you’re part of but at the same time you realize that there is so much capacity that you have towards a situation. In the end. It will always be up to you to challenge this system.

Edukators was a film that helped me understand how people will always lean towards the betterment of themselves and that the trick is to challenge this notion. Along the way, there will be bumps and confusion but that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you truly believe in. The ending quote “some people never change”, is a reminder for all of us not to be cowards and stand up for what we want. Don’t be passive in this world and keep moving forward.

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