Persona is a film about two women, Alma, a young nurse and Elisabet, a stage actress who suddenly stopped moving and speaking due to her own choice rather than because of an illness. Alma was assigned as a nurse for Elisabet as she tries to recover. When Alma read a letter for Elisabet from her husband with a picture of their son, Elisabet tore the picture quickly and this got me thinking, what was the reason why she hates her son so much?  Because of this, Elisabet’s doctor suggested for them to transfer to a cottage by the sea as there might be a better chance for Elisabet to recover from there. There they were able to become closer to each other. One night when Alma was a little bit drunk, she shared a secret with Elisabet from the past where she had an orgy in the beach with Katarina whom she had just met with two young boys while she was in a relationship with Karl-Henrik. This resulted in her getting pregnant and so she had an abortion to get rid of the baby but in the end she still feels guilty about it. However the next day when Alma was delivering the letters they have into town she saw Elisabet’s letter and it says how she studies Alma and it also contains her secret about the orgy and the abortion. This led to her getting mad and confronting Elisabet about it. However in the next scene it does not make sense to me why she was the one running after Elisabet and apologizing instead of the other way around. In the end we were able to learn that Elisabet tried to abort his baby but failed in doing so. This resulted in him still hating his son even after she gave birth to him.

Persona was a film that was very hard for me to watch. The movie was very silent and there were some images that were quite disturbing. There were scenes that were easy to understand the characters speak clearly on what is happening but there are some scenes where there is only silence as we watch the visual of the film to continue moving. This makes it very hard for me to understand which makes me frustrated as it disturbs me that I cannot understand what is happening in what I am watching. The ending just got me super lost as there was suddenly a guy calling Alma, Elisabet and then they started getting intimate. I do not understand if this is just in their imagination or if it really happened to them. I think their personalities were slowly becoming one as they spend time with each other.  Persona also gave me the vibe that Alma and Elisabet wanted and loved each other so it might deal with lesbians as well. One thing I noticed though was that in the beginning it was Elisabet who needed Alma to help him recover but in the middle of the Film they were slowly switching roles as it was Alma who wants and needs Elisabet’s presence.

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