Good Bye, Lenin!

Goodbye Lenin was one of the films showed in class that I enjoyed a lot. It was straightforward and I did not need to think a lot to understand the plot of the story. The humor the film used was also easy to understand and was to my liking. The film was set in East Berlin. The film revolves around   Alex and his mother, Christine, and how Alex tries his best to keep his mother in the dark about the fall of the Berlin wall to prevent her from dying. The two themes that was shown in the film was the history about the fall of the berlin wall and the theme of love for family.

Alex the main protagonist of the film was showed as a loving son to his mother Christine. However there were some scenes in the film where in my opinion, he was a little bit too bossy to the people helping him deceive his mother. For example he got mad at his sister, Ariane got pregnant again or when he lied about the history of Lara’s family. Every person has her own life and decisions to make. The fact that he got mad at Ariane annoyed me a lot. Alex was forcing his decisions to his sister even when his sister is already having a hard time in keeping up appearances for their mother. He also tends to use guilt against his sister whenever her sister wants to give up by saying “you want mother to die” or “you don’t love her.”

Alex’s love for his mother is shown clearly shown in the film in different ways. First he sacrificed his life as he redesigns the apartment they live in to look just how it looked before his mother fell into a coma. All the people who makes contact with Christine has to wear old clothes to make it look like nothing changed. They look for old jars that their mother used to eat and fill them with products from the west to trick their mother. Alex even pays kids money to sing for her mother old songs from the past. When Christine requests for a television to watch news, Alex looks for old news to show her mom and eventually has to film their own fake news as Christine sees more and more clues like a Coca-Cola poster right outside her window.

Christine also showed her love for her family when she finally revealed her secret to her children. I will not decide if her decision to stay was the right choice or not, but I think it shows her love for her children as she was afraid that they would get in trouble if they attempted to join their father in escaping.  Another way she was able to show her care for her children was in the last few scenes where she was already made aware by Lara that the news Alex shows her were all fake. She still acted like she knew nothing and continued to react as if she was happy and surprised.

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