Holy Motors

Holy Motors was a movie that made me just shut down my brain in trying to understand what is happening and instead just focused on what the characters in the screen are currently doing. The main character Mr. Oscar who was played by Denis Lavant was able to show his talent in acting by being more than 7 different characters throughout the film. One of the first scenes of the film include Mr. Oscar riding his limousine towards his first appointment. On the way he talked with a guy in the phone and they were talking about guns and bodyguards so it seems like they were businessmen. However when they arrived in Oscar’s first appointment it was a surprise to see him dress up as a beggar and guarded by his bodyguards walked towards his post where he begged passing strangers for some money. Just from these first few scenes, I was already lost but was still trying to make sense of what is happening. Maybe he just wants to know how the beggars are treated so he became one. However on his second appointment, he wears a motion capture suit with lights and just starts doing martial arts. Seems fine until suddenly a girl on her own motion capture suit walks in and they just start to simulate sex. At this scene I just gave up and made my brain go to bed instead of trying to understand the story of the movie.

Oscar continued to do different characters throughout the film like a violent man who kidnaps a supermodel who was having a shoot in a cemetery. He also became a father who was picking her own daughter from a party. This is one of his few roles where there is not much action and the focus is on the dialogue between father and daughter. There were also two scenes wherein he was dying but was able to be back in the limousine unharmed. First was during his fifth appointment where he thought he was able to kill his target but instead gets stabbed in his neck. Even though he was bleeding, he was able to limp himself towards the limousine where he was passed out just a few steps away. The second time was when he run out of the limousine to shoot at a banker at a café.

I think the film Holy Motors was a film that was made to showcase the talent of the main actor, in this case, Denis Lavant. He was able to show that he was able to act characters that needed a lot of emotions just like when he played as a father or as a character that needs physical skills like during his second appointment where he was able to show his martial arts skills. He was even able to show his acting of a dying man and was able to show his singing skills when he sang with Eva who also works in the same business as they sang the song “Who Were We.”

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