Heavy Trip

From the movie title, I thought it was a movie about a person’s heavy journey somewhere. It surprised me when the movie was actually about a heavy metal band. It was a music genre that I never learned to appreciate no matter how many times I listened to that genre. Despite having this prior hesitation about the movie, the distaste that I had about it just made me think that I would not enjoy this film. To my surprise, some scenes in the movie had a comedic ring to it. I think the scene which made me laugh because I remember it being in Pitch Perfect. This particular part of the film was when the band lead singer probably had stage fright and accidentally pukes in front of their audience. The same incident happened in that aforementioned movie.Apart from that, I think one of the central themes that was quite evident in the film is camaraderie. It was showcased through the relationship among the bandmates of Impaled Rektum, which could be associated also with the Barden Bellas. Through their numerous garage practices, they have formed this bond with each other — some sort of brotherhood manifested in the movie. Despite the mishaps their band had to go through, they were successful in the end. I think what is important in the movie is how they regarded each member with the utmost importance. Basically, acknowledging that one another plays a key role in their band and they would not make it if one of them was not there. I honestly think that them having a strong friendship helped their band foster. Despite the many trials in achieving their dream to become a famous, concert playing kind of band, they obviously had to constantly persevere for this dream. They did not give up easily and showed their determination in pursuing this and eventually they got there and made it.

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