The film, Raw was honestly by far the the most disturbing movie I have ever watched. It was too gory, bloody and made my stomach churn each time Justine tried to eat human flesh. It was just crazy. There were scenes I really had to look away and cover my eyes and ask my seatmate whether or not the scenario already changed. I just could not handle it. I really expressed myself while watching it, I tend to react and just shake my head each time there were scenes that left me asking “WTF is happening”, “Why is she doing that?”

I realized that Justine was just really exploring herself as a freshman in College. I could remember the same feeling I had and the same urges I wanted to try and wonder around different aspects that can happen. It can be said that the film is a coming-of-age type of movie. She was a girl who was slowly transforming herself as a woman who was more aware about what she wants and needs. Despite having odd desires for cannibalism. Though, it can be said that the film was able to show the awkward transformation of a young woman who was eventually awakened with the desires she finally acknowledged.

Her new way of life was deeply emphasized in her stay in college. From being away from home and the rules of her parents, she was finally free to do the things she wanted and make decisions for herself. Though her struggle in discovering her identity was not entirely disturbing there were moments when I personally found it funny and embarrassing at the same time. Anyone who has moved out of their parents’ house could have related to the film especially the ones who dorm or condo around katip since  they understand the loneliness of being away from home.

Just like her, I think I’m pretty sure at some point most of us here already got drunk and made bad decisions while at a party and just realizing it the next day while recovering from a hangover. Basically, went through the same things as she did while she was still in college. Those kinds of moments were quite evident in the film but the things that happened to her was more on the extreme side of things.

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