Heavy Trip: Déjà Vu

When I was watching this movie, all I could really thinking about was, “hey, haven’t have I already watched this movie?” let me explain…

So the movie “Heavy Trip” revolves around this heavy metal band called “Impaled Rektum” with their members: Turo, Lotvonen, Pasi and Jynkky. The band kinda sucks, but Lotvonen is keen on working hard to get is big break. A majority of the movie lies within this road trip that this band makes in order to play at a festival that they weren’t even invited in. This got me thinking, haven’t I seen this before? A movie wherein the protagonist, who is highly optimistic about their dreams and aspirations, and his band (yes pun intended) of comrades go on a road trip in order to accomplish something that initially seems impossible, along the way they have run-ins with many different characters who they seem to unintentionally rub the wrong way and have said characters chase them to their eventual destination. Once they get to their destination they do the impossible, but with the eventual repercussions of their actions on their way to get there, but they still emphasize the small victories. The plot of the movie isn’t an original one, it’s been done over and over again in movies like: We’re The Millers, Due Date, and Wild Hogs.

Just because the movie isn’t original, doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. The movie as a whole is very light-hearted, there aren’t too many scenes that require the full capacity of my brain to focus on every little detail, and sometimes that’s okay. Some movies are really just like that, like Heavy Trip, they’re just there for some cheap laughs and to, hopefully, bring a smile to the faces of the audiences, with a story of hard work, dedication, and eventual triumph.

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