Heavy Trip

Heavy trip is a light-hearted and light film to watch. It is not the type of movie that you should take very seriously. The actors were able to act their characters well that they were able to deliver the jokes and gags well that made the audience laugh.  It was a movie that was made to make the people who watch it laugh and it does its job so well.

We knew that they were called the Loser in their village. We knew that they do not have experience in performing live and they did not have their own songs until now. But all of that changed when they met a director of a Norwegian metal festival. Their band which was unnamed are now called Impaled Rektum.  Even though the stakes were high for the main characters the film was able to keep the atmosphere light and comedic so the audience did not have a hard time watching the movie. Instead it made the audience cheer for them more as they are the underdogs. Also things seem simple as they only have to go to Norway to play their music there.  But things escalate too quick that suddenly they are stealing a van and they have a corpse with them too. There are a lot of things that would not make sense or maybe too absurd for us. However we just have to remember not to take too things too seriously and that the movie was made to make us laugh. We don’t need the answers to our Why’s to have fun with watching the movie.      

As someone who does not listen to heavy metal music or have any knowledge about the genre, I thought I would be annoyed whenever the movie would play their music however I kind of enjoyed it instead especially after being introduced to the main characters of the film. Their passion for metal was presented well in the movie and can help the audience appreciate metal more. Heavy metal is usually not that respected by many people especially those of the older generation. But Turo’s line explains everything for me. “This music is our thing. Other guys can play hockey and drive around chasing pussy. We play metal.” Playing metal is not weird. It is just like any other hobbies or likes we have. It is something that other people can enjoy. And just because you can’t enjoy it doesn’t mean it is wrong or it is not good.

As a senior my journey in European films for this class ends with Heavy Trip. I am glad that the last film we watched was Heavy Trip because it is something familiar and light to watch especially compared to the other films where things were weird and I do not know how to understand like Persona which was one of the films our class started with. Now that we are bombarded with a lot of different requirements from different subjects, watching Heavy Trip was a nice break to have.

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