Heavy Trip Movie Review

Watching the movie Heavy Trip is like riding a roller coaster again and again, having yourself mixed with so many emotions that you feel like you’re going to puke. Literally. It all began with this oddly looking person… not even sure if it was a guy or girl at first glance. Only to find out that this seemingly quiet person is part of a heavy metal band with a bunch of his best friends who also have a similar look with him. And it wasn’t your typical heavy metal band. No, they were different, their band name was so unique that anybody who would hear it once would definitely remember it for the rest of their lives… Their band was called Impaled Rektum. And these weren’t your average heavy metal players because they had a higher goal in life: to create heavy metal music that could be equivalent to or hopefully more than a “symphonic post-apocalyptic reindeer-grinding Christ-abusing extreme war pagan Fennoscandian metal” sound. So Turo and his band are pretty close, they practically spend almost their entire days together in max’s basement. They’re so passionate for heavy metal music that max refuses to continue the stable job that his family owns and just continue improving his craft in creating heavy metal music. This just shows how they all practically live and breathe heavy metal that they’re almost willing to forego everything else. Another example of this would be where they had high hopes to be accepted into the big music festival happening in Norway and so they dedicated everyday to train for it because they knew that this opportunity was their calling and that something like this may not happen again. So they practiced and practiced really hard. Eventually it spread in the town of the news of them being accepted to the said concert. This inspired and motivated them even more to become successful in their concert that they decided they would stop at nothing until they would be there and perform to the best of their capabilities. It was sad to find out and see though that they in fact, were not included in the line up. This led to a series of unfortunate events. Not only did the entire town now despise them for lying, but they were also apprehended by the chief of police because he thought that they were a threat to the community. Their reputation now gone, no one left to support them, and still they managed to be struck by the worst possible event to date. They lost one of their band members to a car crash. But his death was for no reason, he died in vein trying to revive their hopes for their collective dream to perform in the music festival and make everyone proud of them and what they could achieve. Though tragic, this did not stop the band from pursuing their goal. They recruited a new member and managed to arrive in the music festival despite still having so many challenges on their journey on the way there. It was not a surprise that upon arriving there, they were granted passage to enter through their efforts and performed out of their minds that they had a standing ovation from everyone attending. It was surprising to see so much welcome from the crowd despite Turo throwing up on one of the persons in front of the stage, right before playing their first song. Everyone was just so happy to hear a unique and fresh sound to heavy metal music that they never heard of before. Of course, this was all possible because one of their band members had the brain capacity to distinguish whether that song they created was similar to any other song made and popularized before. So with this hit, their band was able to bring back their solid reputation within the community, as well as the heavy metal music industry and its fans. On a personal note, I’m not so much a fan of heavy metal music. Although, being a performer, I do understand the similar trials and circumstances that we face given that heavy metal music and dance, though different, are both within the overall performing and arts industry. We usually train long hours and sometimes people don’t see the importance of what we do or maybe that it isn’t stable as a job. But we continue to sacrifice and work hard for it because we’re passionate and we hope that we can touch others along the way. I really appreciate seeing this movie because it has given me a different aspect of the performing and arts industry that is unique, yet so extremely interesting. also believe that heavy metal music is not given that much recognition. And so to all those who like to critique this style of performing arts, I recommend you to watch this movie and see how it really is for yourself.

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