The Edukators

The movie, The Edukators directed by Hans Weingartner involved three main characters namely Peter, Jan and Jule. Peter and Jan claim themselves to be the “edukators”, they educate the wealthy class by way of entering their houses and leaving a notice that their days are numbered. Although, upon hearing about what the film was about, it immediately reminded me of the Hollywood movie, The Bling Ring since it also involved breaking into wealthy people’s houses in Beverly Hills, which usually were the house of actors and actresses. However, the characters in that film often stole things from  those places. Comparing these two films, they had different intentions even if they both trespassed into other people’s property. For the Edukators, it was trying to show that they were trying to make a statement, a stand that rich people will not always have it that way. Some sort of ‘all good things come to an end’ was the kind of mentality that they had. It could be said that Jan and Peter resented somewhat privileged people. It may be caused by the circumstances they were in, since they were part of the class who tries to get by and essentially not as privileged compared to them.

They initially did not have intentions in causing harm to anyone but this changed when one of the owners caught them in the act.  This was the time when Jan brought Jule with him in one of the visits, when unfortunately, Jule mistakenly left her phone. The only reason why they deliberately chose that specific house is because it was to help Jule to “educate” the businessman who she owes money to. This then quickly backfires when they thought they killed him but he was just knocked out pretty bad after getting hit in the head. The storyline progresses from there and to keep the audience interested, a love triangle was added, which added further drama between the friendship and relationship of the three main characters. Despite having this issue, they were able to resolve it and move on from the cheating and betrayal of Jule and Jan to Peter. Apart from this, I like how they were able to establish a strong relationship with the businessman that whom they kidnapped. Even if he was held captive, he was treated in a humane way and not as a prisoner. It was interesting how they allied with him and earned his trust that he would not tell on them.

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