L’Avventura is an Italian film that was about the disappearance of a young woman and the search that was conducted for her after by her best friend and her lover. The young woman who went missing was Anna and her best friend was Claudia. After meeting with Anna’s boyfriend Sandro, they drove to the coast and meet up with more people. After reaching their destination, Anna and Sandro jumps right away into the water for a swim.  Anna shouts that she saw a shark to get the attention of Sandra who goes to her side right away to protect her from any harm. After arriving in one of the smaller islands where they were able to rest, Anna and Sandro had a fight as Anna was not happy with Sandro’s long business trips. Sandro in response just dismisses her and proceeds to sleep. When they finally decided to leave the island because of the weather, Anna disappeared and no matter how they search they do cannot find her.  Even when the police arrived to help continue the search, they were still unable to find anything.

From here they just continue to find clues but until the end they were unable to find Anna. However while searching, their feelings towards each other changed. Even though in the beginning Claudia felt guilty about being with Sandro because of Anna, in the end she still gave in and they both fall for each other. Sandro on the other hand was able to show right away his feelings for Claudia even when Anna just recently disappeared. He was also not very loyal as he was caught having sex with Gloria even when he was already courting Claudia.

It can also be noticed that throughout the film the only people who are actually trying hard to look for Anna are Sandro and Claudia. For the other group of people, they were just concerned with looking for pleasure for themselves. Even when people finally meet each other again, people are not that interested about the updates about the case of Anna. People who attend the meeting are just flirting with one another. Even Giulia who is a married woman openly flirts with the young prince even if her husband is also present.

L’Avventura is one of the longer films at 143 minutes and the pacing is quite slow and there is not much that actually happens as in the end they never found Anna anyway. The film was just about Sandro and Claudia’s relationship after Anna disappeared and aside from that almost nothing noteworthy happens. If you think that their relationship is immoral because of the recently disappeared Anna, then it would be harder to watch just like it was for me. I think L’Avventura is for people who are patient and can appreciate the cinematic beauty it offers. For people who are impatient and do not have the eye for the arts or do not know how to, L’Avventura would be extremely boring to you.

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