Timecrimes: time travel done right

So I really enjoyed this movie, easily one of the better time travel movies that I have seen, let me explain…

Timecrimes follows a man, Hector, who seems like an average man at first, that is until some weird things start to happen to him. The timeline of the whole movie only actually takes place within the span of one hour, the runtime of the movie is actually longer haha Anyway, due to different things happening to Hector, i.e. time travel, he goes back in time and has to do things in order to make sure the things that have already happened to him in the past, still happen to him in order to keep things in balance. However, Hector is eventually caught in a loop. The use of time travel in the movie is really well done, the audience has to really pay attention to the different clues, like the different items, each time Hector goes back in time. This technique that the director employed really caught my attention because it really had me yearning to find out more, and to be more skeptical about the things that are happening to the Hector that we’re following at any one given moment. This also helps the “rewatch-ablity” of the movie, since it brings up so many things as the movie is going along, you start to wonder to yourself “Oh dang, I wonder what else I missed”. I feel like it’s so easy to mess up time travel movies, or make it a gimmick, wherein time travel is only there for the convenience of the plot to fill in some plot holes that may not have been answered by the time the movie is about to end. Timecrimes uses time travel very effectively in order to drive it’s plot and to engage the audience to think more critically.

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