Volver de la Muerto

Volver in my opinion is the best film from the selection of films we’ve watched. I watched this film a couple of years back in my high school Spanish class and it was one of the first European films I had been exposed to and definitely was not disappointed. The film although it came out in 2006 tackled a lot of problems women face today well over a decade later. The film starred by world class actress Penelope Cruz boasts it’s cinematic excellence with a ton of foreshadowing scenes. A common cinematic saying I’ve read about states that you should never point a gun unless you plan to fire it (metaphor). This saying means that there are no scenes you or objects/references you should show unless it has purpose to the story. In one scene, Raimunda is being shown from an overview angle washing a knife. That scene may have seemed random but a few scenes later, it is the very knife used by her daughter Paula in self defense against her father, Paco. Now we see more complex forms of foreshadowing when Raimunda finds Paco dead. At first she was shocked and horrified at the sight but then as Paula explains Paco’s attempt at her, you can see Raimunda’s reaction change drastically to a more understanding and calm demeanor. I find foreshadowing the best cinematic tool directors use to give films a more mysterious and exciting element.

I find that the film has it’s fair share of mystery and clues on the outcome of the film as it unfolds but what really surprised me were the plot twists in the film. The film came off as slow in the very beginning with not much happening and rather early on in the film, deaths of who I thought were a major characters, Paco and Aunt Paula. A big theme in the film was death. But it was like a snowball, more and more things were happening in the film until it neared the end where most of the plot twists were coming out. What I liked most about the film was that I wasn’t able to predict the ending. Usually in films, it is rather easy to predict the end. I guess this is what separates the good films from the great, the mysteriousness of the film. The director did a fantastic job with cinematography as well by decking out the film in bright red any chance he had as a way to mask the darkness of the film. The film although dark with so much death, had some sense of excitement and thriller to it. It was an overall good film because it all doesn’t make sense until the very end of the film.

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