A Woman Is a Woman (1961)

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“A Woman is a Woman” was the first French film I’ve ever watched. The style seemed very old, and was nice to observe dated design of this European movie. There were good aspects, as well as bad parts alike to anything in life. While I admittedly was confused while watching majority of this movie, I do have some commentary about my experience watching.

One prominent aspect of the film was that the music was abruptly starting and stopping. It didn’t aid the dialogue very much. It actually almost distracted me from the scenes, which didn’t have very smooth transitions. I’ve never really appreciated the significance of transitions between segments of a film until I watched Angela bicker with Emile and then kiss passionately in a choppy clip immediately after. Besides that, I found the long panning around the room to be uninteresting and dragging, still drawing my attention away from…

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