A Woman Is A Woman

A Woman is a Woman is a 1961 french musical film by Jean-Luc Godard. The film revolves around Angela and Emile, a couple living together, and their struggle to find common ground after Angela voices out her yearning to have a child.

The story of this film seems very simple, but how the plot plays out gets pretty wack. The prime example of this was Angela resorting to sleeping with Alfred, Emile’s best friend, just to have a child, with Emile just consenting to it. Another example of this is how they argue in bed. In the middle of the night, they will decide not to talk to each other, opting to use books as a medium to talk. They hurl insults and apologies to each other using titles of books, which I did not understand because I do not know how to read french.

This film makes me think that all French people do in the 60s was smoke. The characters in the film smoke literally all the time. They smoke before showering. They smoke during dinner. They smoke in bed before sleeping. They smoke while talking. This gives me the impression that smoking is a big part of French culture back then, as smoking was very present in Godard’s other film, Masculin Feminin.

The actors’ performances were very mannered, as they acted very theatrical. They also had odd scenes where they posed standstill as if they were acting something out.

Overall, this film was enjoyable even for me, who doesn’t regularly enjoy period films.

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