The Five Obstructions

The Five Obstructions is a documentary film revolving around the recreation of Jorgen Leth’s film, The Perfect Human, as he is directed by Lars von Trier to follow instructions that would make each recreation a challenge.

This is one of the films in class that I enjoyed the most. Watching a director recreate his film multiple times with different results was fascinating. The director was put through many challenges and at some points, it was pretty obvious that he was struggling with the different ways that he was changing his film.

I especially enjoyed the fourth obstruction, which was to remake the film as a cartoon. In this obstruction, he used rotoscoping, a form of animation where an animator draws over pre-made scenes to animate them. The explosion of colors and the semi-realness that rotoscoping presents is something I enjoy watching. Similarly, this was the type of animation that was used in a film called Waking Life, a film about philosophical discussions.

Overall, this film is something I would recommend to someone who likes making films. I would definitely watch this again.

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