An Unrefined Science Fiction

Bárbara Goenaga

It’s such a shame that I had watched a British-Australian film called Triangle prior to watching Timecrimes. A quick overview of my tragedy, Timecrimes and Triangle carry the same concept of looped time and a character horribly realizing he (or she) is making matters worse for every time he or she repeats time. They’re extremely the same in concept that I didn’t enjoy Timecrimes as much as I believe I could have if I had never seen a narrative like that before.

As someone who was already familiar of the plot before, I didn’t have that much of a reaction anymore towards the twists and the turns and the juxtapositioning of the stories together. Although I do still recognize the wonder in them, I was much engrossed on how the film played with emotions despite being a science fiction film. Hector’s struggles grew more and more severe throughout the movie, and as they grew more intense, suffocating desperation fills the air. You can’t help but feel frustrated with the character but also everything that the character was doing that just worsening his situation. Why can’t he just get it right? He shouldn’t have done that! I just want him to completely solve this. I was filled with so many emotions. Moreover, unrelenting sadness smotherly pervades this Spanish movie despite its character’s anti-heroic tendencies, that surprisingly it’s not hard to feel for him as his next actions just merely confirm his already doomed outcome. For all these emotions the film was able to generate in me, I have so much respect for it.

Timecrimes in my opinion is a three part structure. The first act is tense, mysterious, and suspenseful effusing with the feel of a horror film. The score is chilling and reminiscent of horror flicks. The second act dabbles more in the science fiction element of the movie getting deep with the time travel concept and morphed realities. The third act is a perfect denouement of the events finishing off in silent manner with a relatively open ended resolution, leaving plenty of space to formulate questions.

The film is cleverly crafted even with the quite noticeable absence of visual effects. The movie has a B-movie feel to it, that contributes to the rawness of the story and the coarse, unrefined charm of it. Though there was lack of anticipation while watching the film mainly caused by already being familiar with the narrative, I still found the movie smart with all its other choices.

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