A Heavy Trip for the Softest of Hearts

Johannes Holopainen and Ville Tiihonen

Heavy Trip was a whole adventure in itself and one of the more enjoyable films of the class. I’m not particularly a fan of metal music, but turned into a fan of the movie. The film exhibited an ability in connecting audiences with non-traditional characters that are often subjects of being frowned upon. Characters that aren’t conventionally portrayed with warmth were suddenly characters to root for and cry over. The main characters, or should I call them, Impaled Rektum, had real-life aspirations and worries that made them unsurprisingly easy to connect with. Like I previously mentioned, I am not exactly a fan of the comedy genre, but this film turned out to be much more than an enjoyable fable. It has a surprising tender side in the midst of head-banging metal music and is made with careful consideration of its characters and its characters’ aspirations.

Goofy, ridiculous, & enjoyable without the cringe of comedies. I mean there was plenty of cringe every time icky vomits fill the seen, but all the cringe was intentional. Everything was funny from the character’s dialogues, to how they move, to how they look, to them just being there, on screen, as awkward quirky metal fans. I think some gags would’ve worked better if I had known more about the metal music background. But despite not being a fan of this type of music, I still was able to completely enjoy the film.

However, some of the scenes of the movie still became victims of the formulaic comedy trope. Much of those were on the second half of the film, which sort of lost its momentum. The journey to Norway became much more predictable and slightly childish. Yet on the other hand, the amusing moments sprinkled throughout the script, such as the running joke about their “symphonic post-apocalyptic reindeer-grinding Christ-abusing extreme war pagan Fennoscandian metal” music, were still enough to carry the film towards the end, and be an overall amusing adventure.

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