Fantastic Trolls and Where to Find Them

Trollhunter was a generally very amusing film to watch as the mockumentary of films such as The Blairwitch Project, the Paranormal Activity series and all. This film also did it’s job of entertaining as well as having a thrilling aspect to it. I found a lot of plot holes however to backgrounds and whatnot. One example would be the bite of the troll in the start of the film. It was such a small bite that sort of simulated a bear bite. I found this strange because when the trolls were shown, they were gigantic which also showed the inconsistency of certain parts in the movie. I loved the aspect of university students wanting to create a documentary about bears and ended up hunting a mythical creature. It was this whole switch up that made it entertaining because the students were in such disbelief but Hans seemed so non-chalant about it and made it seem like an everyday occurrence.

Films involving mythical creatures and folklore interest me so much. All the different aspects Andre Ovredal brought about in the film such as religion talking about christianity being an obvious and easy way to identify if someone is catholic by the trolls. It was an interesting choice for the students to pick bear hunting as a topic for their documentary as bears are also very tribal and a symbol for primal instinct for tribal people. Hopefully a french film about werewolves is the next idea for the cannes film festival hits because that would be a very interesting take on one of France’s oldest folklore tales.

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