Holy Cow

I cannot think of anything else aside from this expression after watching Holy Motors by Leos Carax. Words are not enough to explain how strange the movie was for me. Words are also not enough to just plainly explain what the movie is all about. Given that the film was only made recently, I expected it to be a lot more coherent just like any other mainstream movie that we see today. I thought it would be far more different and a lot less complicated as compared to the previous films that we have seen in class. Yes, the movie might be weird and unconventional but I wouldn’t say that it was not exciting. It felt like the director, Leos Carax, paints on an empty canvass with varying forms of artworks. It also felt like watching several films trimmed into the coherence of our ever-changing protagonist. The scenes constantly change that is why you really have to pay attention to the details. In my first time watching, I get stuck trying to comprehend that events that just happened. I had to watch the film for the second time just to appreciate what every scene has to offer. The way I interpret the film, I think Carax is trying to send a message by appearing in the beginning but I would not expound much about this due to my limited knowledge about the director. The scenes that follow after that appeared to me as the life of an actor taking on different personalities and forms from the beggar to an old man in his deathbed. In all these transitions, it feels like the actor experiences dehumanization by finding difficulty in reconciling with his or her true identity. Aside from this idea, it was honestly quite hard for me to understand the rest of the details that were presented in the movie. I may not be too familiar with the context, reference, or inspiration for the various changes in our protagonist’s appointments. Despite watching the film twice, I was still left dumbfounded by Holy Motors. It is in this aspect that it becomes similar with older European films such as Persona. It really provokes you as a viewer to think and understand what really is happening or to know if there really something that is to be understood. I cannot say that I did not enjoy the movie but I still have a lot of questions about it. I also find it really hard to appreciate these kinds of films because you never really know what you are looking for or what is being presented to you. Otherwise, the other aspects of the film were nothing short of amazement. The cinematography and direction of the film was well done in blending everything that is happening in the movie. I usually take a break whenever I encounter films such as this. I need the time to reconcile my thought and reevaluate what I have just seen. Despite this, I am still open to seeing similar kinds of film as I still try to learn how to appreciate them for their ambiguity.

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