The 5 Obstructions movie review

Among all the films, the five obstructions had the most different format. It was like a documentary but not completely. It was a film about a film and how the film could be re done. I found it shocking how Von tier who seemed much younger was the one ordering Leth who appears to be the pro. With each obstruction he gave, leth would participate and was very professional with accepting the challenge as well. At first, I assumed that the obstructions were meant to really challenge Leth. I also assumed that it was von tier trying to modernize the film “a perfect human”. I saw how Leth wasn’t exactly comfortable with the obstructions given that it was far from his usual style. He did struggle with it but always tried his best to deliver. The first obstruction felt like a warm up round but nonetheless very different from what Leth has done before. But Leth was able to be innovative in incorporating the 12 frames obstruction that von tier gave. The result was beautiful and creative. The second obstruction for me felt like Leth sort of missed the point of the obstruction. The point was to show empathy which he Leth failed to do. The third obstruction was brought about by Leth’s “failure” in the second obstruction. Here, we saw the struggles of Leth as he created a film without his preferred rules. This obstruction seems to show that when one makes a film seemingly without rules, something can still be created out of sheer creativity and drive. The fourth obstruction for me was personally one of the things I liked the most. To see the film as a cartoon was definitely something fresh and different. It looked cool to see how a cartoon which for me usually meant that I was for kids, could have so much depth and mystery. I really liked how Leth was able to showcase his film using cartoons and how he went out of his way to understand the art (even working with a pro artist). This really showed how he was committed to what he was doing even if he said how much he hated cartoons. He was still up for the challenge. The fifth obstruction is where everything gets tied up. I realized here how all the four obstructions had a bigger purpose. It wasn’t just to test the capabilities of Leth as a film maker. It was in fact for Leth to see his full potential. I think that Von tier had so much respect for Leth that he made his own version of the perfect human and allowed Leth to narrate this so that Leth could be seen as the object of this film. The point for me here was to show that a perfect film and perfect human isn’t about how clean and “perfect” it is. It’s about the flaws that give it realness and character. Overall I enjoyed how these two directors, who are both amazing in their own right, found a way to learn and adapt from each other. It was such a well executed “documentary” showcasing the talents of both film makers. I feel like I have a much deeper respect for all those working in the film industry after watching the 5 obstructions. It really is no easy feat and it requires you to pour out your heart, passion and mind to it.

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