Raw by Julia Ducournau was a movie that made me go “what the hell is happening!” The film was filled with scenes of cannibalism. But there were three sins that really made me and actually ask myself “why?” the first scene was when the film showed the students how to sedate a horse in detail. I get that the setting of the story is in a veterinary school and so maybe they added it to the film to immerse the audience more into what veterinaries do. However it just seems so random as it had nothing to do for the rest of the movie. The next scene was when Justine ate her own sister’s finger. In my mind I was thinking “instead of panicking or looking for ways to help stop the bleeding of Alexia, she actually chose to eat her finger instead.” The film showed that they had a good relationship as sisters  so that added more confusion for me as they had no fights so there was no reason for Justine to disregard Alexia’s health. The last scene was when Alexia jumped in front of a moving car so that the car would crash into the trees so that they could have some corpses to eat. What would happen if instead of going left or write the car just went straight through? Would that just be unlucky for the sisters or was it all planned that all cars would turn instead of going straight. Maybe these scenes were a way to show how the characters grow and rebel. These scenes show how their human body slowly evolve into something else.

            The coming of age genre focuses on the growth of the protagonist as he or she slowly matures throughout the story. Raw can be seen as a coming of age film with a twist. In the usual coming of age films, the focus is on the dialogues and emotional responses of the protagonist so there is not a lot of action. In Raw however Ducournau used the visual horror of cannibalism to show as Justine slowly matures. We saw Justine from being a vegetarian who do not even want to have a taste of meat as shown in the starting scenes of the film, to Justine stealing hamburgers from the cafeteria and eating raw meat to satisfy her cravings. Then we see her embrace her cannibalism side as she slowly devours her own sister’s finger and continues to eat different kinds of human meat. The film was also able to show Justine’s pain and uncertainty during her transition period.  

Another way we can see Justine mature is that from being a timid shy girl who follows what her parents say and only has sweaters to wear, to someone who is able to practice their sexuality by wearing more different dresses, using makeup and lusting about the body of men and actually having sex. All of these changes in Justine’s character and habits show as Justine comes of age in the film “Raw.”

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