The starting scene where they claimed that all the footages recovered were true made me expect almost no trolls to be seen throughout the movie. Oh how wrong I was. As a found footage film, I thought they would limit the CGI they used and just focus on the interaction of each character. However in Trollhunter, there was a troll attack quite early in the movie and they were able to be captured on the team’s camera. Trolls were repeatedly captured in camera throughout the film.

In the film, most of the scenes where just the characters of Thomas, Johanna, Kalle and Hans. For the three students of Volda University College, I find them annoying especially during the early parts of the movie because they keep on mocking Hans and keeps on stalking him just for their interview. They do not care even though Hans clearly did not want to be interviewed in the beginning. When Hans finally let them interview him and follow him, they were still mocking him and making faces behind his back. Clearly they do not believe him but still come with him. Another thing that was bothering me was how even if they do not believe in Hans story about trolls, can’t they at least follow some of his rules like no Christians. When they were told to spread troll stench on themselves they were clearly hesitating about it. Even after their first encounter where Thomas was injured, they still do not take Hans and the troll business very seriously.  The only time they focused on their task was when Kalle finally died because he lied about not being a Christian hence when they got trapped in the nest of the trolls, they were able to smell him and endangered everyone. Hans’ story on the other hand is quite sad. He is doing his best as a trollhunter to keep the surrounding areas safe but instead of recognition, other people suspects that he is just a bear poacher. The compensation he gets from the job is not that high too when his job is very tiring and extremely dangerous. There are also times when he is forced to kill trolls even if he did not want to as a trollhunter. The government in the film especially Finn, tries their best to keep the trolls a secret. In the end of the film, they even ran after the students to try to get the camera and the film that contains the trolls. In the end, the film tried again to make the audience believe that trolls are real by playing a news clip of a Norwegian Prime Minister making a slip of a tongue comment about the trolls in a press conference.

Even though the characters kind of annoyed me, I was still able to appreciate the film because of the decent CGI of the trolls and the unique concept of the film. I think I was able to appreciate the movie more when I stopped thinking of it as a found footage film and that the footages are true. Without those it becomes a decent fantasy film that is based on the Norwegian culture and Norwegian folktales.  

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