The Edukators

The Edukators are a group of people who break in the houses of rich people who has bad reputation or bad rumors around them. Instead of stealing items from inside the house, they “educate” the rich by moving the furniture and items inside the house and leaving cards that say, “the days of plenty are over” and “you have too much money” to scare them.  

The first theme that the movie has is the poor vs rich theme.  The edukators consists of Jule, Peter, and Jan who usually join rallies against capitalists. Jule also has to pay a €100,000 debt for crashing into a Mercedes-Benz S-Class that was owned by a wealthy businessman named Hardenberg. Jule works at a restaurant that targets the rich where she sees the rich’s habits and she usually gets looked down upon by the customers and even her manager. However even though the edukators do not like capitalists, they keep on buying their products whenever they need something. They buy their cigarettes, wine and food from them.

But I think the main concept of the film was about the love triangle between the three members of the edukators. It all started when Peter left for Barcelona and he asked Jan to help Jule while he was away. When Jule learned from Jan what they do at night, she wanted to give it a try and after insisting, Jule and Jan broke into Hardenberg’s house as revenge. After escaping quickly, Jule finds out that she left her phone in Hardenberg’s house so they had to come back and this time they asked Peter who just came back from Barcelona for some help. Things went wrong as Hardenberg saw them inside his home and so the edukators decided to abduct him while thinking of what their next step is. They decided to stay in a cabin near the mountains as they think. In here a lot of discussion about political ideology happened the relationships of the characters deepened. Peter slowly realized that Peter and Jule spends a lot of time together. Things develop and eventually Jule ended up with Jan while Peter was cool with it. This love triangle to some might be useless in the movie as the main concept of the film was supposed to be the rich vs the poor. However in my opinion, I think this is very important for the film as it gave the poor face and kept the movie moving. It also helped the audience engaged in the movie even if the concept of capitalists vs anti-capitalist can be boring when there are only information thrown to the audience. The last few scenes also show the audience how a tight knit group of friends can stay together and forgive each other if they are able to talk to one another and be honest in how they feel towards each other. Even when Peter’s best friend and girlfriend got together after he left for Barcelona, he was able to forgive them and continue to travel and live with them.

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