The movie, Timecrimes of Nacho Vigalondo was a film primarily about time-travel. Before watching the movie, I actually built up my expectation for the movie since I compared to the Back to the Future films that I have already watched before. Anything that concerns time-travel clearly messes up or changes the present timeline especially if there were changes in the past.

I thought the movie was going to be chill but in the first few scenes turns out that the film had a thriller vibe to it. I think what’s common among time-travel movies is that each time-travel creates a different outcome, a new possibility of things that will transpire for that specific moment. This movie reminds us that each decision has their own consequences that can change completely your entire life. It’s crazy how that point at which where he left would not exist anymore since there is a tendency for the people who goes back to the past and change whatever they go through. What I like film though is that it touched on a delicate subject of life, which is death, it certainly is inevitable. However,  the progression of the story just shows that possibility of death was quite evident. I think that aspect of it makes the film more interesting since it makes or emphasizes the idea that death is inevitable.

Films like this makes me realize how life is short and how one should grab the opportunity when one can. It makes me aware that in life we do not really get second chances, it rarely happens. That is why when an opportunity presents itself, one must think about it critically but decide on it immediately as long as its there. Our choices and decisions will always have effects towards our life and the people involved in it. It could either have good or bad outcomes but these what shapes us to become better people.

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