Timecrimes was a movie that made me shout in the beginning because of fear then shed a tear near the end. My emotions just rode through a roller coaster but in the end I was able to enjoy the movie.. It was a movie that was centered on Hector who was involved in a time travel situation. I think the film focused on the character development and the story development. In the beginning Hector, the main protagonist of the movie seemed to be a timid and is an easily scared guy. He also seems to be observant and curious about his surroundings as seen in the beginning of the movie where he plays with his telescope a lot and when he found the girl in the forest, he immediately goes after her and enters the forest. He starts screaming and running away after he get stabbed by the scissors. When he came back as Hector 2, he started as a confused and stubborn guy who do not want to do what the scientist tells him to do. He still sneaked out of the laboratory even when he was told to stay and wait. When he figures out what to do, he slowly becomes for decisive of his actions. After becoming Hector 3, he was very decisive of his actions. He was able to lead a girl to her death to save his wife and he keeps on threatening the scientist. He also started to get less and less happy until eventually he almost had no emotions left to show.

                The story development on the other hand started something like a horror or a thriller movie during the time of Hector 1 because during this time the audience has no idea what would happen and he was constantly getting chased by the bandaged man. There were also a lot of jump scares and the sound effects used added to the horror and thriller theme of the film. When the main protagonist becomes Hector 2, became a bit of a comedy because of his failed attempts to create the situations he experienced when he was Hector 1. There was a sin where he was looking for the proper angle to do the surprise by turning around quickly with his hands as a binoculars. The way it was portrayed was very comical and since this time you know what to expect, it was easier to watch for those who hate jump scares like me. Then slowly the story became darker and heavier when Hector 2 thought that he killed his own wife so he went back in time again and became Hector 3. This time the story was just dark and heavy as we have to watch Hector 3 lead the girl from the forest into her own death just so he could save his own wife. Hector shows no emotions and seems to be dead inside and the only sound we hear are ambulances and his wife crying weakly as he questions Hector what is happening.

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