The Adventure

There really is nothing refreshing about a film based on the drama of the elite in society. Films like “L’Avventura” really show that being part of society’s elite isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Problems and dramas usually take to extremes and have odd twists. In the case of this film, the drama centers around the mysterious disappearance of Anna. What I found odd about the film is it’s unusual pacing of the series of events. It did not really follow the usual narrative development. There is also a lot of play on the deceit and betrayal the characters have. It’s like loyalty is not too popular amongst them as a lot of adultery occurs as well.

I found really interesting how it was not that big of an issue that they were unable to locate Anna. But I guess you can say it had it’s imagery as well. The group as a whole maybe figuratively are all also on the verge of disappearing themselves as they do not have many fulfilling relationships in general. The film really reminds me of the plot of “Beverly Hills 90210” in the sense where the attractions to each other are intertwined and how their moral compass is somewhat crooked. The play on Sandro and Claudia sort of detective work was interesting as they try to find clues on what led to Anna’s disappearance while at the same time fornicating with each other. How ironic that they start a casual relationship while trying to find Claudia.


Min Persona

I was rather intrigued by genre of the film. Psychological films more often than not start of vaguely and progress cryptic. Psychological dramas similar to more psycho-thrillers show the story unfold as the movie progresses. This film sort of gets in your head as it goes along. It’s play on insanity and personal identity which gives the title it’s edge is very appealing. The beauty of films like Persona is the ability for it’s interpretation to be open to the viewers. One thing can be said by a group of viewers and yet if another group completely contradicts that notion, the opposite would also be true.

The film walks a very fine line of psycho-drama/thriller to psycho-horror. It’s scary to think that the act of one personality consuming the other is a far-fetched possibility. But then again, maybe the film is showing us how split-personality disorder is really created. When a person’s personality is fractioned by the cause of another being. The title “Persona” really is spot on as a big underlying theme of the film is played on the character’s identities.

A Woman is Gleefully a Woman

The film plays off it’s rather cheerful storytelling. It builds entertainment with gags on all corners of the movie. I expected nothing less than a masterpiece after knowing it was a big budget film. Plot-wise, it had an interesting twist as Karina, a stripper decides that she wants to have a baby against the wishes of her significant other. What makes this plot interesting to me is that it builds the drama by Karina who then convinces Jean-Claude’s more than willing best friend Jean-Paul.

The movie I still would not consider a musical despite it’s singing and dancing instances. I love the truth behind the movie as I did some research after the film and found out that most of the actors wore their own clothing. Godard created this movie as a secondary feature to his first film “Breathless”. This film although entertaining lacks the cinematic innovation that Breathless had. It was however, a great follow-up.

Das Edukators

The Edukators was a classic european film which tries to depict a form of robin hood but instead of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, they try to send a message to all wealthy individuals/families that comfortability is not acceptable with regards to their lifestyle. What I feel the “Edukators” are trying to demonstrate with their acts is that they are anti capitalistic and are trying to advocate for socialism. In this respect, I found the movie interesting as they were taking the fight into their own hands. But it is all about perception as how would the edukators know what is too much money to be had? Who gives them the power to decide?

I see the movie as a political movement trying to be created by the youth as they crave a sense of change in the way things are run in that time’s society. The only problem is deciding where to start and struggling with the process of doing so. And so with this combo, a juvenile idea was born of desperation which involved breaking and entering and even kidnapping. What it shows however is the struggle of the people at that time who are helpless and are in desperate need for change. This is all because no real way to channel the pent of anger of politics is being adapted.

El Viaje en el Tiempo

The film Los Cronocrimenes was especially good for me as previously I had been watching a new tv show, “Love, Death and Robots” which is an anthology. In this anthology, there is an episode which focuses on the same type of time travel/ loop that Hector found himself in. The suspenseful thriller of a movie started out as a horror film to me as a mummified man was terrorising poor hector after stabbing him with scissors and chasing him around.

The plot twist of the film definitely had me shook because I would have never pegged the movie as the time travel type. The cinematography was minimalistic but understandable as it was a low budget film. The movie definitely did well considering as it ventured into different genres throughout the movie from a horror/thriller into a sci-fi/thriller. But what I found the most interesting about the film was the character development aspect of the movie. Hector develops from a timid, middle aged man in the beginning to a hardened man burdened by accidental murders. His person slowly started to change and it is evident in how he was trying to shape the next hectors that were to come following the same sequences Hector 1 had him follow. I still find it strange that he did not try and break the loop however.

Fantastic Trolls and Where to Find Them

Trollhunter was a generally very amusing film to watch as the mockumentary of films such as The Blairwitch Project, the Paranormal Activity series and all. This film also did it’s job of entertaining as well as having a thrilling aspect to it. I found a lot of plot holes however to backgrounds and whatnot. One example would be the bite of the troll in the start of the film. It was such a small bite that sort of simulated a bear bite. I found this strange because when the trolls were shown, they were gigantic which also showed the inconsistency of certain parts in the movie. I loved the aspect of university students wanting to create a documentary about bears and ended up hunting a mythical creature. It was this whole switch up that made it entertaining because the students were in such disbelief but Hans seemed so non-chalant about it and made it seem like an everyday occurrence.

Films involving mythical creatures and folklore interest me so much. All the different aspects Andre Ovredal brought about in the film such as religion talking about christianity being an obvious and easy way to identify if someone is catholic by the trolls. It was an interesting choice for the students to pick bear hunting as a topic for their documentary as bears are also very tribal and a symbol for primal instinct for tribal people. Hopefully a french film about werewolves is the next idea for the cannes film festival hits because that would be a very interesting take on one of France’s oldest folklore tales.

Holy Moly Motors

This film was an extreme roller coaster ride of intense abstract scenes. The film sheds light to the importance of role-playing in one’s life. This helps people really find themselves and who they are. How we as humans would present ourselves in different moments in our lives. An interesting factor of the film is that Denis Lavant is so masterful in his appointments that take him in different disguises and personas that are completely different have no link whatsoever. A puzzle for me was trying to piece them together and make sense of each persona’s link to the other but it was a futile effort.

I had two scenes in the movie that I really found interesting and admired. One was the motion capture suit scene where an abstract dance was done. This scene although abstract and made no conventional sense, had purpose. It portrayed the wild and happy expressions of youth. Then the scene I was most fond of in the film was the accordion playing scene. This was a nice change of pace as it acted as the intermission for the film’s unending abstract storylines. Even though a break was in order as said, it wasn’t going to be a conventional break and this scene really impressed me.